Determining how much you can afford before starting your home search can save you valuable time and energy. A lending professional can help you sort through your financial picture early, discuss your financing options, and provide you with a financing pre-approval letter indicating the amount of home loan you should qualify for.  An offer including a pre-approval is a stronger offer, as it shows the sellers you are a serious buyer with the means to cover the sale price for a successful closing.

When you work with me, I partner very closely with your chosen lender to ensure:

  • you present a strong offer backed by your lender;
  • open communication is continually maintained with all parties involved in the transaction;
  • all necessary documents and steps are completed on track; and
  • any changes to the Sale Agreement and/or your financing are immediately communicated and addressed for a successful closing.

Whether you're a new home buyer starting your search, or just looking to compare financing options, I recommend reaching out to:


Anette Sieverson at Pacific Residential Mortgage

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Tammy Wittren at NFM Lending

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Let's do this together.